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Clusters for SME growth

Jagat Shah - Chief Mentor

“A cluster is a geographically proximate group of companies and associated
institutions in a particular field, linked by commonalities and complementarities ”

Cluster Pulse , an ISO certified economic development agency is a professionally managed, self-sustaining, autonomous institution with excellence in implementation of Cluster Development initiatives as its main objective through the twin approach of market intervention & technology upgradation in SME’s.It has worked in 82 clusters in partnership with GTZ, UNIDO, USAID, IFC, World Bank, The commonwealth secretariat, Govt. of Canada, Govt. of Brunei, Government of India – Ministry Of Textiles, Ministry of MSME, Ministry of IT & communications & State Govt. all over India & in 10 other countries including USA, Canada, Brazil, Sweden, UK, Croatia, South Africa, Oman, Brunei, Turkey & Afghanistan. We have worked in 80 industry vertical like Textiles, agro, engineering, pharma, consumer goods, ICT etc.

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