Expense Sharing

We all go out with friends for dinners, movies, parties. And at the end of it all, we need to share the expenses. It is pretty inconvenient to share on the spot, especially if the payment is made by Credit Card. And it is much more inconvenient to keep track of multiple occasions and people.

Enter –  a simple way to split the bills with friends for free. BillMonk just needs you to enter the total amount of the bill and the no. of persons you want to split it with. Normally, the bill is split equally, but you can also split it manually for whatever amounts you please. You can add the names of the persons too. And BillMonk starts keeping track. BillMonk supports 30 currencies – including Indian Rupees.

So it becomes really simple – sometimes you could be paying the bill and sometimes someone else could be paying. BillMonk tracks the amounts once they are entered and at the end of the week or month, it will do the arithmetic and show who owes whom how much. When a settlement is made, you just enter it and the account is squared. Pretty neat!

Many transactions can be entered by Mobile Phones by just sending an SMS on the move – very convenient after a late night party – just sleep peacefully knowing that the money matters are safely taken care of!

It’s not just money. You could be lending or receiving CDs, Movies, Books to each other. BillMonk allows you to track who has borrowed what from whom and the suggested return dates. This helps track your assets and you will never forget whom you lent them to.

BillMonk keeps track of your money and stuff, so you don’t have to. And remember it is FREE !


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