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Ten Things that Have Gone Out of Business in Our Life Time

They were at the cutting edge of convention at one time, but in front of our eyes, we have seen them go RIP one by one. DARE lists 10 things that have gone out of business in our lifetime.

The march of time waits for none and in its wake all things must pass. Letterpress printing, which revolutionized the way the world exchanges knowledge, lasted in its original form for nearly five centuries, and is still in commercial use. Newer technologies like pagers and videocassette recorders, however, faded way too quickly (less than two decades) and morphed into smarter variants. This happened not only because they were incremental innovations over technologies that already existed, but also because in the last century the speed at which technology has changed, has far outpaced any other time in history. And this change will only be quicker as time moves on.

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