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Certificate in Entrepreneurship Management

Post Graduate Programme for Certificate in Entrepreneurship Management

To be launched by the Entrepreneur Development Centre (EDC) of XLRI in October, 2009.

Programme Objective
PGP-CEM has been designed to provide competency-based education to the
eligible candidates with a view to promoting entrepreneurship in Jharkhand
and rest of the country. The programme will be pursued in such a manner as to encourage critical and lateral thinking and integrate theory with practice. The ultimate objective will be (a) to create effective and successful entrepreneurs out of those who have no exposure to this vocation, but have an inclination and desire to turn into such entities, and (b) to enhance the skills of those who are currently functioning as such.

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3 thoughts on “Certificate in Entrepreneurship Management”

  1. what is the eligibility to apply in PGP-CEM (xlri)?where are the forms available?
    Can those who do not wish to start their own business also apply?

  2. Please click on the link given at the end of the post and all your questions will be answered. Good Luck !

  3. Hello, may I know whether this (PGP-CEM) programme is regular class room contact programme or a satellite programme of 6 months duration. As its a non-residential programme, may I also know about the place where the course would be conducted. Actually, I am a fresh graduate(B.Tech) and recently started a proprietorship type of business and I am keen to know about this course.

    Thanking you in anticipation.

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