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 Zayed Future Energy Prize 2015   Submissions now open  logoSubmissions and nominations for the 2015 Zayed Future Energy Prize are now open . The Zayed Future Energy Prize is an annual US$4 million (Rs 24 Crore) award which recognizes individuals, organisations and schools who have made significant strides to advance the fields of renewable energy and sustainability.

Zayed Future Energy Prize 2015

This year submissions will are being accepted across five categories:

  • Large Corporation,
  • Small and Medium Enterprise (SME),
  • Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO),
  • Lifetime Achievement
  • Global High Schools.

To submit your nominations and applications visit the award website at: www.ZayedFutureEnergyPrize.com.

Last Date for Submissions : 14 July, 2014.

The Zayed Future Energy Prize now in it’s 7th year has awarded 30 winners across six continents and impacted millions of lives. Over the years, Prize winners have trained thousands of women as green technicians; delivered solar home systems to millions in Bangladesh; created access to safe drinking water to millions in Africa; and funded university scholarship to students around the world.

Winners of the 2014 Zayed Future Energy Prize, announced in January this year include ABB, Abellon CleanEnergy, Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems, Wang Chuanfu, the founder and chairman of BYD Co Ltd, the Chinese auto and battery maker, and five high schools from across the globe.

Courtesy : http://indiamicrofinance.com/zayed-future-energy-prize-2015-submissions-now-open.html

This Invention From India Is Going to Change The Way We Live Forever!

Fin is basically a tiny hardware product that users can wear on their thumbs as a ring. The ring will then convert the user’s whole palm into a gesture interface. The project has already raised about $200,000 from some 1,600 people around the world who have already pre-ordered the product. Previous to this, Fin’s initial target for the project was to raise $100,000. However, back in mid-February when it found that its target was getting accomplished faster than expected, the campaign’s deadline was extended to March 9, and this resulted in the doubling of its monetary collections.

Read more at: http://www.gizbot.com/tech-biz/india-based-wearable-device-fin-experiencing-massive-response-boasts-016320.html

Watch Lulu and lovable loo video in this link provided:-


It is high time we in India too adopted this more eco friendly nature’s way of converting human manure to composite manure for farming.

Watch more on composite toilets here in this link provided:-


About eco sanitation toilets here adopted by many Americans in their farms:-


But all this is not possible when living in urban cities where we are engaged in 9 to 5 jobs but can be adopted at least in villages or in farms.

Courtesy : Firdosh Sukhia


The Google Science Fair is a global online science and technology competition open to students ages 13 to 18. It’s all about :

  • What you love doing ?
  • What are you good at ?
  • What you want to change ?


Get an overview of the competition – Click Here.


The USD 1 Million Rise Prize aims to spur breakthrough innovations from India which captures the mainstream imagination. It is an enabler of disruptive change. A catalyst to bring about world beating ideas from India. The ultimate goal is to change the way we live, work or play. Disruptive scientific and technology innovations that are ‘Made in India’ will now be real.

India has been on the verge of greatness for too long. It’s time to change that. It’s time to make the world sit up and take notice. To create disruptive solutions that transform lives. To lead in enterprise and innovation. To see “Made in India” mean best in the world.

It’s time.


We have curated an array of programs to inspire and enable world-class innovation and entrepreneurship from India.

From incubation of just an idea, to capital for your venture, and challenges that seek disruptive solutions, Spark the Rise has something to offer you. The funders, incubators and connectors you see on Spark the Rise have complete ownership and responsibility of their programs.

What’s in it for you

$700,000 to build a driverless car for India.

$300,000 to develop a solar DIY kit for household energy needs.

and much more

Click Here to visit the website

As the start of a new year is the time when many of you are doing some extra imagining and planning and creating, we thought we’d do our bit and throw in a handful of consumer trends that are begging to be applied in the next 12 months.

Click Here for the Trends of 2014


Tired of strapping ugly, uncomfortable styrofoam-and-plastic turtle shells to their heads, the pair came up with a pretty revolutionary solution that does manage to give you full head protection without, remarkably, wearing anything on your head.

Regardless of how wrong they are about discounting cars in the future, they’ve done a pretty impressive job with the design and engineering of this, and I wish them all sorts of luck.


Eko provides a low cost infrastructure powered by innovation and technology to enable instant, secure and convenient financial transactions.

Eko leverages existing retail shops, telecom connectivity and banking infrastructure to extend branchless banking services to the common man. Eko also partners with institutions to offer payment, cash collection and disbursal services. Customers can walk-in to any Eko counter (retail outlet) to open a savings account, deposit & withdraw cash from the account, send money to any part of the country, receive money from any part of the world, buy mobile talk-time or pay for a host of services. A low cost mobile phone acts as the transaction device for retailers and customers.

Eko provides a multi-modal (USSD, SMS, IVR and Application) approach to perform a transaction, hence the service works across all phones i.e. lowest to most sophisticated handsets. Eko also uses a two factor strong authentication to complete the transaction. It has created and patented a low cost One Time Password (OTP) generator called ‘OkeKey’. Performing a transaction only requires numeric literacy for number dialing. It has created a world-class transaction platform called ‘SimpliBank’ that is used by multiple partners.

Click Here for their website


Building upon the Honey Bee network philosophy, the National Innovation Foundation-India (NIF), started functioning in March 2000 as India’s national initiative to strengthen the grassroots technological innovations and outstanding traditional knowledge. Its mission is to help India become a creative and knowledge based society by expanding policy and institutional space for grassroots technological innovators. NIF is committed to look for grassroots innovators who have developed technological innovations in any field of human survival without any outside help.

NIF helps them get due reward for their innovations and ensure that such innovations diffuse widely through commercial and non-commercial channels generating incentives for them and others involved in the value chain.With major contribution from the Honey Bee Network, NIF has been able to build up a database of more than 1, 81,000 ideas, innovations and traditional knowledge practices (not all unique) from over 555 districts of the country. Through the collaborations with R&D institutions, NIF helps in getting these innovations validated and converting them into value added technologies/products.

NIF has filed over 595 patents on behalf of the innovators and outstanding traditional knowledge holders of which thirty five patents have been granted in India and five in USA. Micro Venture Innovation Fund at NIF has provided risk capital for 186 projects, which are at different stages of incubation. NIF has succeeded in commercialising products across countries in six continents apart from being successful in materialising seventy cases of technology licensing to eighty licensees with the help of partner agencies.

NIF has proved that Indian innovators can match anyone in the world when it comes to solving problems creatively, where they perform better than rest is in generating greater sustainable alternatives by using local resources frugally. Those who see poor only as the consumer of cheap goods, miss the knowledge richness at grassroots level. The Grassroots to Global (G2G) model that NIF is propagating is all set to change the way the world looks at the creativity and innovations at grassroots.

Click Here for their website and more info


Space Saving and innovative !

Very interesting concept, can be developed easily for any crowded place.


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